myfamilyI am Trisha, a professor at a community college teaching a variety of composition, literature, film, and creative writing courses. I hold a BA in Film and Television as well as an MA in Writing from DePaul University where I focused on both Composition & Rhetoric and Creative Nonfiction. I have a second Masters degree in Literature from Southern New Hampshire University where I focused on American Literature and Critical Theory. I also have a Master Online Teacher certificate through the University of Illinois’s ION program.

I love learning about damn near everything and that is why I titled my blog Unfinished Intellectual. I know there is always more, and through this blog I will explore as much of that more in all its muchness as possible.

My true passion lies in reading and the majority of this blog will revolve around books. I am a bibliophile obsessed with reading, reviewing, logging, discussing, organizing, smelling, and touching books. No tasting though. That’s just strange.

E-Mail: unfinishedintellectual@gmail.com

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Side note: For years, I blogged over at eclectic / eccentric (https://eclectcentric.blogspot.com/).