Not the Usual Sunday Post

img_20181110_151315.jpgIt’s been a busy weekend with an essential oil party, a birthday party, some major picking up around a massively disorganized house, putting together two special projects for school, shopping for furniture for the kids’ rooms (today), and hosting a family dinner (today).

As such, today’s Sunday Post is not going to be as organized as usual. Instead, I’ll tell you a bit about my reading experience over the past week. First off, I only finished one book – God Save the Queen by Kate Locke. I read it in its entirety, but I always had to prevent myself from skimming. I felt like the story could have benefitted from some serious editing. The story – which is unique – just dragged on and on for me. Ideas were continually repeated and it just took too much of awhile for each thing to happen.

classicsofamericanSimultaneously, I just kicked off my foray into Classic of American Literature, an 84 lecture series that costs something like $500 for a CD through Great Courses, and I bought through Audible with my monthly credit.

I’m also still reading Jeremy Benthams’ Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, but to be honest, I’m having trouble finding the right time to read. I like the subject matter, looking at morality in relationship to imprisonment is truly interesting. But I have to be in the right mindset to read philosophy, and that mindset is not at 10 o’clock at night after a long day of work. Unfortunately that’s really the only time I have to read right now.

I’ve been stuck on two books for about a month now: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and Miss Timmins’ School for Girls by Nayana Currimbhoy. I hate to not finish books. It seriously makes me feel all yucky inside. But I’ve already read The Bell Jar years ago (and didn’t much enjoy it then) and I just don’t care about what’s happening in Miss Timmins. If anyone has any sage reasoning on why I should continue either one, speak now or forever hold your piece.

How’s everyone else’s reading going?


6 thoughts on “Not the Usual Sunday Post

  1. BIZZY BIZZY! Love your reading goals. I managed to finish a few last weekend and am making progress on a book club book but it’s not going to be a fave read, I can tell. Audio listening time has been good lately and have managed to knock out a few classics – Vanity Fair and Emma. I just now realized that Audible is giving us free books to listen to each month and now I know I’ll have something interesting to listen to at my fingertips. Makes me giddy!

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  2. I adore the Great Courses that you can get through Audible! Often they’re on sale for like $5 which is awesome.

    I also adore The Bell Jar, but I think if you didn’t enjoy it before and you’re not enjoying it now, that’s probably not going to change. I’ve read Catcher in the Rye three times hoping one day I’ll actually see something of value in that book, but it hasn’t happened yet, and probably never will. No point spending more time on it!

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  3. I enjoyed The Bell Jar, but did read it through fairly quickly as I’d borrowed a copy and needed to return it. If I have a book on the go for more than a week tops, I reconsider whether I’m liking it or not.
    I’m impressed by the seriousness of your reading matter 🙂


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