Sunday Post: Here Comes Halloween

The Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Reader is an opportunity to share with the blogging community what bookish things are happening in our world. So what have I been doing?

Reading | I’ve been a reading fool. Which is super wonderful. In the last week, I powered my way through Annihilation, the first two books in Sherry Thomas’s Lady Sherlock series, and two audios. Four of those even count towards my R.I.P challenge. What a wonderful week!

Watching | My tv viewing is a mish-mash now that the regular season has started, but to be honest, I’m not loving on anything in particular. Anyone have a new show they absolutely adore?

How I feel while binge-watching – Focused and Awesome


How I feel watching a bunch of different shows at once – Unfocused and Kind of Dorky


Listening |I finished Gladwell’s David and Goliath through Audible and have been eagerly waiting for November 1st ever since to get my next read. In the meantime, I did listen to an Audible original, Jonathan Maberry’s “Lullaby”.

Blogging |Last week, I posted reviews of Seraphina and Shadowscale, and then I took the rest of the week off.

Doing | Halloween prep! The kids love driving around looking at decorations, so I’m something of an expert on all the spooky houses in town. We have all the candy, treat bags, drinks, and crafts at their school ready-to-go for Wednesday. Costumes have been chosen, random decorations are up around the house, Halloween socks are on our feet, and pumpkins have been decorated.




6 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Here Comes Halloween

  1. So glad you’re loving the Lady Sherlock series! The third book, which I just finished, is my favorite so far.

    Cute pics. I miss pumpkin patches. We don’t really get those down here!


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