Sunday Post: Jury Duty

The Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Reader is an opportunity to share with the blogging community what bookish things are happening in our world. So what have I been doing?

Reading | In one glorious day, I read hundreds of pages in V.E. Schwab’s A Conjuring of Light, the third in her Shades of Magic series. I rarely get to sit and read for uninterrupted hours, but as I had jury duty last Monday – an uneventful, we just stayed in the room all day jury duty – I was able to read and read and read. And I’ve never seen so many people reading in one place….not even a library.

bingewatchingWatching | You guys are probably tired of hearing it, but I’m still working through Stargate SG-1. It’s my second go-round with the show and I’m still loving it. I feel like I’ve made a sort of swap over the last ten years. I used to watch a dozen shows at a time and read only one book; now I tend to read multiple books simultaneously but only (binge)watch one show at a time.

Blogging |Last week, I posted reviews of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon and Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. I also posted a 50/50 Friday on the best and worst novel set in a school which was fun.

Anticipating | My cousin Tara gets married this coming weekend, so the family and I are headed out to Iowa.

Loving | Madison got to bring home the macaw Malachi for the weekend and she was so excited. And of course, Carter was excited too. First order of business, make a mask of Malachi so we could all pretend to be him…

2018-09-08 15.31.10.jpg

I think Madison did a great job on the mask!



6 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Jury Duty

  1. Oh man! The idea of jury duty doesn’t sound so bad if you don’t get called and get to just hang out reading all day. I feel like I haven’t had uninterrupted time to read in awhile either, but partially that’s my own fault for not making a point of putting my phone down and focusing on a book. I loved the Shades of Magic trilogy — I want there to be more stories in that universe!


  2. Now that’s the kind of jury duty I could get behind! I’m in my 50s and still waiting to be called.

    When I read that your daughter was allowed to bring Malachi the Macaw home, I thought it was a real bird. Then I scrolled down and realized it’s a stuffie! Which makes more sense, of course. She did a great job on that mask.

    Enjoy your cousin’s wedding next week! Our niece is getting married next weekend, too. I hope they both have lovely weather for their wedding day!


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