The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act

thefaustactThe first volume of the graphic series The Wicked + The Divine, The Faust Act feels very much like a book I would enjoy. And yet I just didn’t.

The premise of the series is that the gods (or at least 12 of them) are reincarnated every 90 years by taking over the bodies of everyday people. Currently they are manifesting themselves as pop stars, worshipped and despised by the masses as they sing their way through two years of stardom before death…for their host anyway; it’s just a break for them. Readers are led through an unfortunate public event in the pantheon’s lives by Laura, a mortal girl fascinated with the gods who finds herself embroiled in their politics as she tries to convince mortals and gods alike that Lucifer did not commit the crime she is accused of. She makes for a very ridiculous investigator to me as her obsessive fangirl self is a bit…silly to me.

While Laura is obviously readers’ in to the world of the gods, offering a character for everything to be explained to, I just felt not much was explained. While there is a plot, it isn’t remarkably deep or detailed, and at the end of the volume, I still wasn’t sure why I should care….about any of them. Everything felt underdeveloped…except the artwork which I absolutely loved:

Now most people seem to really love this one, so I am telling you to check it out for yourself instead of steering clear of it. Also, I have the next two volumes which I plan on reading to see if the story ups its game to match the brilliant artwork.

Maybe my problem is my absolute lack of caring about popstars….

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