Sunday Post: One Day Left

The Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Reader is an opportunity to share with the blogging community what bookish things are happening in our world. So what have I been doing?

darkershadeofmagic.jpgReading | I am so amazingly in love with A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. Despite my promise to myself that I would dedicate all my downtime to preparing for the new semester, I have been, instead, devouring this wonderful novel. And as it’s the first in a series, I see myself spending a great deal of the next month or so in this world while mildly ignoring the real one.

I did find Quiet finally!!!! It was, oddly, under the couch. I’m blaming the kids. I promise to get back to it as soon as possible, and I really need to get started on White Fragility.

Blogging |Last week, I posted reviews of Curious, a book about the need to keep students engaged and the Shade Trilogy by Jeri Smith-Ready. I also participated in 50/50 Friday which in essence was like a wrap-up of July. This week I have reviews going up for The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead and The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act.

Thinking | The husband and I have decided to send Carter, our three-year-old, to preschool this year for three days a week, and I’m freaking out a bit even though it was my idea. He’s my baby. Will he be sad? Will he cry? Is he going to absolutely and completely hate it and feel like he’s been abandoned by everyone who loves him? He’s never attended daycare. Hell, he’s never been babysat by anyone not a grandma, so the idea of leaving him with people he doesn’t know is heart-wrenching. Still, I know he’ll benefit from meeting and playing with other kids his age, and he’s certainly intellectually ready for school. I had kids approximately a decade after the typical small town girl, so while mine are still tiny little kiddos, most of my contemporaries are sending their kids off to freaking college now.

2018-07-30 18.04.54Doing |Shopping for school supplies. Holy heck. Now that I have two going, the pain is even worse. They really do look cute though with all those crayons and markers and folders and on and on….

Anticipating |Tomorrow begins my 15 day family vacation, and I am very excited. And a small bit terrified as I face down 15 days with absolutely no alone time. None.

Loving | Carter has finally learned how to ride a bike. Seriously, peddling was a problem for the boy. I still haven’t figured out if his legs weren’t strong enough, his coordination wasn’t good enough, or if he was just being lazy and preferred I push him. But now….look out world.


Working | Work begins August 15 – in-service – and then classes start August 20. I am still not prepared people. Ah, well, procrastination is an old friend.

Loving | Round 2 of loving is this picture of my girl:

2018-07-29 10.34.33I wish I could get my hair to look like that. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sunday Post: One Day Left

  1. We did preschool 3 days a week for ours.Itoo stayed home with mine. My oldest daughter left me at the door and loved it, so did my youngest. My son was not ready at 3 and rather than upset him the school agreed to defer my payment to the following year. At 4 he was ready and loved every minute of it. You have me curious about A Darker Shade of Magic.


  2. Beautiful children. I love those ages. Mine are 17 and 13 and well one is really snarky. But my older daughter is a delight. I think we just have to get through the early teen things. Have a wonderful week!

    Mary Sunday Roundup #30!


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